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Writing Research Literature Review

Would You Need Help with Your Research Literature Review

The first main section of your research paper is your literature review. This is a critical review of all of the literature and research surrounding the area that you are going to research. Its purpose is to inform the reader where your research sits within the grand scheme of things as well as showing the strengths, weaknesses and even gaps in what has been done before.

Your literature review like the rest of your research paper will need to be written to a very high standard. There can be no errors in your writing and the formatting of what you write must be perfect. Add this to the amount of time it takes to review literature related to your subject and you have a very lengthy task ahead of you. This is why many students at points in their education will seek out help with literature review writing.

How to Structure Your Literature Review for a Research Paper

reviewing literature for researchWhen you learn how to write a literature review for a research paper the first thing that you will need to consider is how you are going to actually approach your writing. Your review must have a logical flow and be well organized so that the reader can follow it. While there is no firm and defined way for writing your literature review within your research paper it is normally done in one of the following three ways:

  1. In chronological order. This is usually the easiest and most logical approach to writing your literature review and will involve you starting with the oldest references to your subject area and working through the research to the current day. This method almost always results in a well laid out and logical thesis literature review.
  2. By relevance to your area of research. This method requires you to begin by painting a broad outline of your research area and then become more and more specific as you work towards your own specific area of research. While this can be a little subjective when deciding what is most related it will once again provide a well structured and logical lit review. More often than not the results will often be very similar to the chronological approach as often the least related research will also be the oldest.
  3. Organizing by theme. Another method is to organize your writing by introducing a number of different themes around your research area. This can be more difficult than other approaches but can make for a highly interesting and engaging read. Individual themes however should be organized using one of the methods listed above to ensure that they have a logical flow for your paper.

Tips on Reviewing Literature for Research

research literature reviewThe starting point for your literature review however is always actually doing the reading and literature analysis in the first place. This may not be a one off process as with many research projects you may find that things will take an unexpected turn and you will have to review alternative areas and rewrite or add to your literature review. The following are some tips for actually conducting your research:

  • Select several different sources for your literature; books, previous research papers, internet articles, news and magazines, interviews.
  • Ensure that your sources are reliable; consider how reliable an internet article is for instance with no named author. Where did they get their information?
  • Aim for primary sources rather than secondary sources.
  • Use the sources cited in the papers that you review to find additional sources.
  • Take careful and comprehensive notes to ensure that you can complete your citations correctly.

We Can Help with Your Research Paper Literature Review

how to write a literature review for a research paperReviewing literature for research papers is not simple and nor is writing academic papers which is why you may want to use our highly specialized help. Because we are a specialized service we only use writers and editors that are highly qualified and experienced in the field of your research ensuring that you will always get expert help. This is in addition to all of our benefits:

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So if you need help with research literature review writing just get in touch with our specialized writing services here today for help you can trust!

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