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Writing Literature Review Essay

Would You Need Help Writing a Literature Review Essay?

literature review essayA literature review is a critical analysis of the research that is available around a specific topic area. It is the starting point for any form of research paper to provide a proper background for your research. It can however be set as a standalone project in its own right by your tutor so that you get the proper practice that you need in writing one.
However conducting a literature analysis and writing it up is a difficult and very time consuming task. You will need to have your essay properly formatted and be sure that all of your sources are properly cited within the text. Learning literature review writing is difficult and many students even when they have already completed papers previously will still need help with literature review writing.

The structure of your literature review:

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There is no firm way of writing a literature review unless your tutor has specifically said that you should write it in a specific manner. However there are three main ways that you can approach your writing:

  • Chronological order: provide the reader with a timeline of how research has progressed over time to the present date in your area of research. This is by far the easiest way to approach the literature review and is also logical and easy to follow. However if there is a huge amount of research all happening in parallel then it may become confused.
  • By relation to your work: typically this structure will work by providing the reader with first a broad look at the area of your research moving closer to it as you progress through the research literature review. While this can be a little subjective when deciding what research is most relevant to your own work it can produce a well written lit review.
  • By theme: this method is probably the hardest to master and will require you to break the research down into specific themes related to your work. You then link the themes by what they have in common. You will find that organizing each theme will require you to use one of the two methods listed above.

A Quick Guide to Writing a Literature Review

guide to writing a literature reviewThe following is a brief guide to writing a literature review to help you ensure that yours is written in the way that it should be:

  • When reviewing literature source relevant and trustworthy sources of information for your review from a variety of different types of publications: journals, previous papers, magazines, published books, websites, interviews.
  • Review the information that is relevant to your field of research and take notes. Ensure that you cover all of the following within your notes:
    • Whether you have recorded a direct quote or a paraphrase
    • Details of the publication; author, publication, date, page numbers
  • Find a quiet place to do your writing and turn off all distractions such as social media
  • Set a specific time each day to do your writing and research and stick to it

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literature analysisWriting a literature review as a standalone paper or essay is not easy and is also likely to be very time consuming, therefore you may want to find professional help to ensure that your essay is completed on time and to the right standard. Our custom paper writing services can help you with:

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