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Writing Dissertation Literature Review

Do You Need Help Writing Your Dissertation Literature Review?

literature review for dissertationA literature review is a critical look at all of the research that has already been undertaken in the area of your own research. It will be the first main section in your dissertation and you will do it to show the background to what you are going to research as well as showing what is and isn’t known. It requires you to look at a huge amount of research and then write up what you have found in a very specific manner.

Writing academic papers and thesis literature review in particular requires you to take great care in citing your sources of information. To avoid issues with plagiarism you must ensure that you cite your sources according to the format that you should be following. You also must ensure that your writing is perfectly written in academic English with no writing errors. Because of this there are many students writing their dissertation that will want to seek out help with literature review writing.

How to Structure Your Literature Review for Dissertation

dissertation literature review exampleOrganizing your writing before you start is very important if you want it to go smoothly so you do need to decide how you are going to structure your literature review. Your lit review however does not have a specific structure that must be followed, you need to write it in a way that clearly communicates to the reader what has already been done in the area of your research critically. You can look at a dissertation literature review example for ideas as to how to write however there are three methods that most researchers use to structure their papers:

  1. Provide information in chronological order. As most research and knowledge seems to grow over time it seems logical to start at the beginning and work your way through to where we are today. More often than not this the most logical and easy way to tackle writing your literature review and will provide you with an easy to read and follow review of the available literature.
  2. Relevance to your own research. Another way to look at writing your literature review is to start with a broader view of the subject area and narrow down to a specific view of what you are going to do. Again this will result in a logically organized and easy to read literature review. Often this approach will provide very similar results to the chronological method above.
  3. Writing around themes. Often there are specific themes that contribute to the research that we wish to conduct so another approach would be to write about each theme in turn and show how they relate to each other. You should however use the above methods to structure your discussion about each theme. This will often be a little more complicated an approach but for some dissertations will provide a superior result.

Ensuring Your Research Is Done Well

dissertation literature reviewThe key to a good literature review is doing your research well in the first place. When you first start to work on your dissertation you need to keep all of the following in mind when doing your research:

  • Have a specific time in which you will do your research
  • Do not limit yourself to a single source; explore books, dissertations, theses, journals, magazines, newspapers, even the internet
  • Ensure that your source is reliable; can you trust an internet page with no verifiable author?
  • Follow sources back to the primary source
  • Keep comprehensive notes; was it a direct quote or a paraphrase? Who wrote it, when, what page, what publication? Without this information you cannot cite your sources and may be open to claims of plagiarism
  • Continue your research even after you have started into your own research and be prepared to change your literature review

We Can Help with Writing Your Dissertation’s Literature Review

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