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Writing Literature Review Essay Correctly

Writing Literature Review Essay Correctly

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Steps in the Literature Review Essay Writing Process

Writing a literature review essay essentially uses the same process as that used in conducting primary research. There are well-established steps in the process that will vary only slightly. The steps in writing a literature review essay are:

  • Problem formulation – Issues that the literature review is meant to address and establishing criteria for accepting and rejecting resource literature
  • Data collection – Researching and collecting various resource literature to be reviewed
  • Data evaluation – Determining the strength of the evidence presented in the literature. Factors influencing this include author credentials and arguments presented backed by evidence
  • Analysis and interpretation – The reviewer’s interpretation of the resource literature. Resources should be grouped according to a particular theme that best supports the reviewer’s stance
  • Presentation of the review – The written literature review.
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Each step of the process can be judged to see how well criteria requirements are being met in the literature review.

Structure of the Literature Review Essay

There is a basic format that a literature review essay follows, and each section of the review must contain certain information for the review to be effective. Information that should be covered in the different literature sections include:

  • Introduction – The introduction should relate the context of information in relation to the review. To fully understand literature reviews, it is important to determine an author’s motivation. Literature review papers should touch on the reasons for studying a particular set of problems or issues in the introduction of the literature review. The thesis statement is also critical, and it basically sums up the reviewer’s position and conclusion of the literature reviewed.
  • Body – The body contains the reviewer’s analysis and interpretation of the literature reviewed. The body should support the thesis statement and provide evidence that backs up the stance the reviewer has taken and is arguing for. Literature in the body should be grouped following an organizational principle that is usually based on a theme, methodologies used or chronology of the literature.
  • Conclusion – Reiterates the stance taken by the reviewer in the thesis statement and explains why they adopted the position they have through their analysis and interpretation of the literature.

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