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Tips on Writing a Systematic Literature Review

You have come to the right place if you are looking for tips from specialists about how to write a systematic literature review. The first place to start is with the question that you pose for the research. It is paramount that you phrase the question to direct the rest of your reading and writing literary analysis paper. Many of our clients that come to Literature Review Writing Service have a question that is too broad and this is where we start with the help we provide. The question is intended to guide your search for relevant literature.

How to choose the best literature for a systematic literature review

Here are a few guidelines that our writers use in choosing the literature for systematic literature reviews:

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  • Be sure that you don’t cherry pick the literature so that it will be obvious to the reader that you deliberately skewed the results.
  • Make sure you include favourable and unfavourable studies so that you have a clear understanding of both sides of the issue
  • You don’t have to critically analyze every single citation that you use when writing a systematic literature review.

Our writers know where to find the best sources of literature and studies you need for your proposal. This saves you an incredible amount of time and allows you to concentrate on other aspects of your study.

Organizing the structure of a systematic literature review

The structure of a systematic literature review should be arranged like a funnel – broad at the top and narrow at the bottom. This means that you should move from the reasons for doing the research to the specifics of each piece of literature and its relation to the research question. A few tips to guide you in this process include:

  • Provide enough detail in each of the systematic literature reviews so that it will be easy for the reader to follow your train of thought.
  • Each paragraph should have a main point with the literature developing this point in greater detail.

You can obtain many more tips for writing a systematic literature review when you come to Literature Review Writing Service.