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Popular Reading Response Questions

reading response questions bannerreading response questionsCan reading response questions help you?

A reading response is an assignment that is regularly set to students allowing them to write about a book or shorter piece of text that they have been asked to read. Unlike a book review where you just explain what the book was about a reading response asks you to look at what you have just read in a much broader manner and talk about what the book is actually about, what the motivation was for the work, and even how it makes you think and feel. A reading response is for many a very broad task and many students will struggle with coming up with some ideas as to what to write. This is where a list of simple reading response questions can help them to come up with the ideas that they need to formulate their essay. The following section contains some reading response prompts that you could use to trigger ideas for your response essay.

reading response questions topTop 10 reading response questions that you could use

The following list of reading response ideas will help you to find an angle that you can use to write your reading response essay:

  • Explain why something in the book reminds you of any real life events or dilemmas that you have faced.
  • How would you provide your own personal advice as to how to solve the problems faced by a character in the book?
  • What might happen to you if you did what one of the characters in the book did in real life?
  • Explain why you would or would not want one of the characters within the book as your friend.
  • Explain why you would or would not have liked to live in the time or setting of the book that you have just read.
  • How would you rewrite a scene from the book in which you completely disagreed with how the character within the book handled the situation?
  • Pick a characteristic of one of the characters in the book that you admire and would like to emulate in your own life, explain why.
  • How different would the story be if it were told through the eyes of a different character within the book?
  • How do the actions of one of the characters in the book make the other characters feel?
  • What do you think happens after the book (or section that you have read) ends and why?

reading response questions moreYou may also want to question the technical aspects of the writing itself or even the author such as:

  1. Does the author provide a realistic and believable setting?
  2. Is the storyline historically correct?
  3. Is the writing confusing or poor?
  4. Why do you think the story was written?
  5. Are the characters well developed and believable?
  6. Does the writing make you feel as though you are actually there?
  7. Are there any holes in the plot or loose ends unanswered?
  8. How could the writing or the plot have been improved?
  9. Is the writing suitable for the intended audience?
  10. Is the quality of writing consistent throughout the book?

There are many things that you could write about for a reading response and you should not limit yourself to the reading response questions listed above if you can think of something that has a more personal impact on you or that leaves you with questions about what you have read.

There is no right or wrong answers when it comes to a reading response: the important thing is that you can clearly explain why you think what you do and can support it through observations from the actual text itself. This typically will require you to collect and use relevant quotations from the text to support your arguments and these can be used verbatim within your response of paraphrased to better suit what you have to say.

We can help with writing your reading response

If you are having problems with finding the time or the inspiration for writing your reading response then we can provide you with the help that you need. We are a professional writing service that provide writing through native English speaking highly experienced writers and tutors. Our services are fully guaranteed and very affordable even for a student’s pockets.

So if you are having problems deciding which reading response questions you should use as a basis for your response and need help with writing just contact our experts here today.

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