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Literature Review Law: What Is It All About?

Published Information on Literature Review of Law and Politics

A literature review is a review of everything that’s been studied on a particular topic. It helps you understand the research behind something so that you can create even more, better, new research. It`s very important to use correct review paper format, so discover more about it.  If you’re a law student, you’ll likely have to create a literature review.

There are four different types:

  • Traditional/Narrative: a narrative literature review is noncomprehensive but wide-stretching. It identifies gaps in a body of knowledge so they can be filled.
  • Systemic: this includes both published and unpublished studies and is an entirely comprehensive review of what you’re doing. It helps prevent the biases that can happen in a narrative.
  • Meta-analysis: this is kind of like a systemic review. When writing this type, you’re going to take findings from a variety of sources and use statistical methods to analyze them. Then you draw conclusions from your data.
  • Meta-synthesis: with this type, you won’t use statistical techniques. Instead, identify common core elements and themes, finding new approaches to your field.

Relevant Material for Law Subject Area

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steps for literature review law

How to Do a Law Literature Review

How can you write a law review? Here’s a list of steps that work for each type:

  • Choose a topic that’s not too broad or too narrow.
  • Decide on a structure, whether narrative, systemic, or meta-analysis.
  • Find sources. Choose reliable sources from peer-reviewed journals.
  • Create an outline.
  • Fill out the information.
  • Get it proofread, and you’re done!

Here are some samples for each type of review. Check the source for more:

Narrative type: whereas the legal system assumes that the testimony given by eyewitnesses should be independent of one another (ref.), this is frequently not the case. … Because eyewitness information is often conveyed from one witness to another through discussion, it is important to ascertain the effects of co-witness information on the validity of eyewitness testimony.

Systematic type: this systematic review summarizes evidence from general population cohort studies of drinking between 15–19 years old and any subsequent outcomes aged 20 or greater, with at least 3 years of follow-up study. Fifty-four studies were included, of which 35 were assessed to be vulnerable to bias and/or confounding. The principal findings are: (1) There is consistent evidence that higher alcohol consumption in late adolescence continues into adulthood and is also associated with alcohol problems including dependence; (2) Although a number of studies suggest links to adult physical and mental health and social consequences, existing evidence is of insufficient quality to warrant causal inferences at this stage.

Meta-Analysis: twelve RCTs met all inclusion criteria, with an average quality score of 0.49 ± 0.17. This was comparable to published average scores in other areas of research (0.42 ± 0.16). Outcome data from RCTs were pooled, and a combined OR was close to 2 (1.91; 95% confidence interval 1.61–2.27) in favor of brief alcohol interventions over no intervention. This was consistent across gender, the intensity of intervention, type of clinical setting, and higher-quality clinical trials.

Meta-Synthesis: between 13% and 37% of the countries’ disease burden could be prevented by environmental improvements, resulting globally in about 13 million deaths per year. It is estimated that about four million of these could be prevented by improving water, sanitation and hygiene, and indoor and outdoor air alone. The number of environmental DALYs per 1000 capita per year ranges between 14 and 316 according to the country. An analysis by disease group points to main preventions opportunities for each country.

what is literature review of law and politics

Literature Review of Criminal Law

When writing a lit review, avoid these top three mistakes:

  • Incorrect citation. You can be accused of plagiarism if you don’t cite correctly. You don’t want that, so be smart and cite right. Check your citations with a friend or someone who’s experienced at your citation style.
  • Field too broad or narrow. You have to make sure that you’re writing something that fills a gap, but for which there’s enough source material to review. Choose carefully.
  • Poor structure. Your paper needs to be structured very precisely to help guide what direction you’re going. Make sure you choose the right type of review and then look at samples to help you decide your structure.

Law Literature Review Example

Competition for law jobs is fierce. It’s a great occupation with a lot of rewards, but you can’t go into expecting an easy road. That’s why you have to make sure that your law literature review is written well and are a solid piece of research. Feel free to use some rules of writing a psychology literature review, but don`t forget about differences between types of review. If you struggle, though, don’t worry. We offer literature review help at all stages of the writing process, whether you need a sample written to help you or whether you need someone to check. We can help you get to the top of your law career and become a great student.

Literature Review Law

Law is a satisfying field. You’re able to understand how your country’s legal system work and even help people in need. This can provide you with a strong sense of purpose. But to get there, you’ll have to work. Let us help you get the career you deserve with less stress.

For your literature review law, contact us now and find out how to get started in a simple way!