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Literature Review Essay

There is no doubt that the literature review essay can be a daunting process. They require a lot of time, effort, and attention to critical detail.  They also require a solid and reputable source of references (in great number) to back up what is being detailed. That being said, if one has not written a lit review essay before, it can be easy to get lost. Hiring a professional writing service to help with lit survey can be the best way to come out on the winning side.

We know what it takes to get the job done right because we have worked with a great number of students in the same types of situation you are in right now. You can trust our reputation for high quality and know you are in good hands when you allow us to offer you the direct and personalized attention needed to assist you with writing a quality lit review essay.

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Samples of Literature Review

When in need of help with literature review essays, our service is here to help. We can lend you the detailed information you need to get on, and stay on track.  One way that we do that is by offering samples of literature review. The example of a literature review in a research paper can create a foundation for you from which to work. While samples of literature reviews are not meant to replicate or call your own, by any means, they are created to help you see how a lit review essay should be formed, what information it should include, and how the set-up of it should appear.

Litearture Review Sample literature review essay example

Samples of literature review also serve the purpose of showing you that the work need not be as intimidating as it might at first seem. When you have qualified staff working with you to help utilize the benefits of the literature review essay sample, it can go a long way in making your job that much easier to perform.

Example of a Literature Review in a Research Paper

Any sort of research study comprises five major parts. Introduction, literature review, materials & methods, Results & Discussion and finally the conclusion. The meanings of all parts are clearly reflected by their respective names except literature review. Students often get confused by the meaning and purpose of this part. Let’s see, what is included in a good literature review essay sample in a research study?

Literature review in a research study covers all the previously performed research work in relation to the topic that is under discussion or under study. The initial portion of the literature review includes the references/research works of potential experimental works that are in favor of existing ideas that is full of gaps and problems. After this, there is a need of categorizing those references that support the gaps and limitation of existing ideas. In the final portion of the literature review, only those outside references are included which are in favor of new research work.

Steps of Conducting a Literature Review Essay

To conduct a literature review, the basic requirement is collecting the outside research work from valid, authentic and reliable sources. An approved or winning example of a literature review in a research paper is enough to describe the steps of conducting a literature review, let’s have a look:

  • At first, search the references category wise starting from those research works that explain the old theory then indicate the gaps and finally support the present idea that is under consideration in this thesis or dissertation.
  • Nowadays, the internet is the basic source of searching any research material. However, a long list of scholarly articles comes in front of searchers when they try to find some research material relevant to their understudy subject. Here, there is a need to become very conscious in making the selection of reference sources. The first thing to consider while choosing the reference source is the time of its origin and validity. Always try to choose the latest reference source due to having maximum validity.
  • The next thing to consider while selecting the reference source is the popularity and authenticity of that scholarly journal in which the chosen article has been published. It is not good enough that article has been published in any one of the research journals. The credibility of a research journal is much important to consider. Don’t waste the time on reviewing those articles even relative to your study, which are published in the scholarly journals that have low credibility.
  • After choosing the reference articles from reputed and authentic journals, categorize and rank them according to the importance of the article. The most relevant scholarly articles are considered those that not only support your own theory but taken from the latest and well-recognized research journals.

Let our qualified professional writers lend you the gold nuggets of information that the only experience can bring.  We have worked with students on many literature review essay projects in the past and the knowledge we have gained from each one of them will work exponentially to benefit you. Whether you need political or sociology literature review, our experts are ready to help you.

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How Literature Review Essay Services Can Help You

Steps of conducting a literature review are not easy for any student who is going to write a thesis or dissertation for completion of his masters or PhD degree program. Being lots of requirements and conditions behind choosing the evidence sources along with credibility, the help of some professional and experienced make the process of writing a literature review for a research paper not only easy but fast as well. We also offer the best literature review writing service with the following guarantees:

  • In-depth and narrow research
  • 24/7 online support
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  • Only recent scholar sources
  • Meet your chosen number of references
  • On-demand annotated bibliography
  • 100% Custom research and writing

To order literature review writing, just go to our website and select the desired option from the list of our services. We will immediately show you price estimation. Place your order and start enjoying our fast and economical literature review writing service!

When you are in need of superior and qualified literature review assistance, we offer the hand that you need!

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