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How to Write an MLA Literature Review

mla literature review writing service

What is Literature Review?

What are the norms and ethics of entering into a discussion, obviously first you should listen to the views of already present persons and then put your own opinion. In this way, the persons who are already thinking about any topic will never mind your presence and will give weight to your opinion as well. Nothing is different in writing a literature review. A literature review is the collection of valid and authentic views of those researchers who have already done some research work in that particular research area, in which you are trying to explore something new. However, there are some rules for choosing the research study of previous researchers. You should pick up only those references which are published in some reputed research journals or a part of conference proceeding. Well, only choosing the references from credible research journals is not good enough to write a superb literature review. You have to follow the APA or MLA manual style to write the citations of the literature review. Obviously, it is not easy to write APA or MLA literature review, it needs complete knowledge and experience of writing the literature review in these bibliographic citation formats. The best way to avoid rejections of MLA lit review is hiring a literature review writing service for writing an excellent literature review.

Essentials of MLA Format Literature Review

To write a winning MLA format literature review, the following points are necessary to follow for making a critical literature review format:

  • There should be proper title of literature review along with the topic of research work.
  • The font size should be “12” and it is better to choose any one of the font styles among “Times New Roman”, Calibri” or Arial”.
  • Lines should be double-spaced with 1-inch margins from all sides.
  • The file format should be .doc, .docx, or .rtf (Rich Text Format).
  • The “Works Cited” portion relevant to all references which are included in the literature review should be at the end of the paper.

When we review any literature review sample MLA, we find that the length of any good literature review is not less than 5 pages. It is very normal to keep the length of literature review 5-8 pages because the collection of previous research work definitely needs some space to make a perfect literature review.

Get an answer on how to title a literature review to make an impact on readers!

Structure Your Work with Proper MLA Format Literature Review

Either you want to write literature review for thesis and dissertation or stand-alone review of the literature, you must follow the below-mentioned rules for the standard structure of the literature review:

In this part, you have to prove the significance of the topic to satisfy the readers about the importance of present research work. You should clarify the problem and expected the result of research work in terms of finding the solution to the problem.
The body of Literature review should be divided into subheadings and sections to distinguish various parts of the research problem. In this way, it will be easy to find the relevant references belong to different aspects of research work and will be easier for the readers to understand the theme of research work.
In the last part of the literature review, just summarize all the previous research work and point out their limitations. After this, explain your own views to explore something new in the particular research area.

How to Plan and Organize Your MLA Lit Review

  • First of all, define the problem on which you are going to write a literature review.
  • While writing the literature review, keep in mind the audience expectations, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Critically read and relate the reference sources with your research problem.
  • Briefly explain the main ideas of each reference work.
  • Give personal comment on worth, significance, methodology, and findings of each reference sources in relation to sources.
  • Organize the information reasonably to discourse your research question instead of using a “list-like” approach.

How to Analyze and Summarize the Literature

  • To analyze the literature, flick through the reference articles to get an idea of the content of articles.
  • Divide the reference articles according to categories of content.
  • Decide the final format of the literature review
  • Identify the gaps and major trends in the reference articles.
  • To summarize the literature content and findings, arrange all the data in the form of tables.
  • You can create the table in Word format or even into the Excel format and then copy the table into Word.
  • Following things can be summarized into the table:
Terms and concepts of definitions
Research methodology
Summary of research findings

MLA Literature Review Style Guidelines

MLA (Modern Language Association) style is mostly used to write the cite sources and research papers in the field of humanities and liberal arts. If you are curious about how to do a lit review in MLA, let’s have a look at the following MLA style guidelines;

  • Select the letter size (8.5” x 11”) white paper.
  • The margins at all sides of paper should be 1 inch.
  • To start the first word of each paragraph, use half inch indentation.
  • Set-off quotations should be indented one inch towards left margin.
  • Use one of the most commonly used font type, but the font size should be “12”.

Tips for Writing a Good MLA Literature Review

If you are thinking, how to write a literature review MLA style is still a myth, it is not. Following are the 9 very effective tips to unveil your confusion about writing an excellent MLA style research paper literature review:

  1. Search and select such a research topic that is relevant to the real-world problem in the concerned research area.
  2. Keep the focus on your topic scarcely and choose the papers accordingly.
  3. Read the chosen articles in details and assess them.
  4. Arrange the selected papers according to subtopics.
  5. Synthesize and summarize the papers from your own point of view.
  6. Now start writing according to a standard critical literature review format, length, and structure of literature review.
  7. In the introduction of literature review, explain the importance of the chosen research topic.
  8. In the body of literature review, summarize and synthesize the previous articles.
  9. In the conclusion of the literature review, unveil the findings of your own research work.

Literature Review MLA Example of References

If you still have confusion, how to write a lit review in MLA, let’s have a look on literature review MLA example:

Boote, David N., and Penny Beile. “Scholars before researchers: On the centrality of the dissertation literature review in research preparation.” Educational Researcher 34.6 (2005): 3-15.

Webster, Jane, and Richard T. Watson. “Analyzing the past to prepare for the future: Writing a literature review.” MIS Quarterly (2002): xiii-xxiii.

Hart, Chris. Doing a Literature Review: Releasing the Research Imagination. Sage, 2018.

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