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How To Write A Literature Review Dissertation With Professionals

How To Write A Literature Review Dissertation With Professionals

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How to Write a Literature Review Dissertation in Simple Steps

In a dissertation, the literature review is a review of published works in the field of study of the dissertation topic. It will provide a rationale for the dissertation and be an analysis of the existing works and their relevancy to the dissertation research. There is some confusion occasionally on how to write a literature review. Dissertation papers are original research on a particular topic. The literature review section of the dissertation is an analysis of relevant published works on the same topic. Writing the literature review will consist of the following steps:

  1. Identify the literature to be included – Research relevant literature and review what has been written. Select the literature that best suits the purpose.
  2. Analyze the selected literature – Organize the literature into categories. Review the various articles and papers noting gaps in research, relationships among studies, strengths and weaknesses, and identify major trends and patterns. Evaluate the various sources to be sure they are current and to determine how credible they are.
  3. Summarize the literature – The literature review is not a summary of the information. The summarizing process is to condense the information gathered in preparation for the next step.
  4. Synthesize – Deeper analysis of the literature and how it specifically relates to the dissertation topic.
  5. Write the literature review rough draft – First draft of the literature review is written
  6. Revise and edit – Revise and edit as with any essay or paper.
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Structure of the Dissertation Literature Review

The structure of the literature review for dissertation is generally fairly basic. It will usually consist of the following:

  • Introduction – Identifies the topic and has a thesis statement that outlines the conclusions drawn from the synthesis and analysis of the literature. How the review relates to the dissertation and its importance to it should be covered.
  • Body – How the body is written will depend on how the information is organized. Information and resources should be grouped following some organizational principle. This may be by methodology used, theme, chronology or some other method that best suits the dissertation.
  • Conclusion – Summary of the reviewer’s conclusions drawn from their analysis of the literature, and how it supports the work done for their dissertation.

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