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Conducting Literature Review in Business Research: Ultimate Tutorial

writing literature review in business research

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A literature review is a resource many scholars use to develop and explain the introduction of a subject or more complex paper. This kind of review gives an evaluation of the ideas that are being presented in a specific work. It gives an explanation of the importance and relevance it has in a specific field, surveying the literature of the area of study.

A literature review in business research synthesizes information from previously researched literature in business to create a summary of the whole purpose and importance of a specific study. This is done by critically analyzing the whole text and proposing new ideas or solutions to a problem, presenting the whole topic of the previous works in a more organized way and following certain rules or format depending on the purpose of the review.

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Writing literature review outline also helps the author to give validation on a subject, demonstrating that he has enough control and grasp on the matter and that he understands completely what the research is about. This helps to explain better the whole topic of the complex text that can be a dissertation, thesis or a research paper, helping to develop better ideas and understandable purposes.

Importance of Literature Review in Business Research

As a literature review is an account of a research that has been published before about a specific subject, it helps the author to develop a new theory from the beginning by evaluating previous works or theories in a specific field, surveying the known scope it can have and identifying all problems, weaknesses, and strengths of the whole research, while at the same time, giving a historical overview of the whole idea.

A literature review business tries to convey ideas of previous works in order to form or support new ones the author is trying to explain. This is done by creating some facts about the previously researched work, like the weaknesses, strengths, purpose, scope and other details. It must well-defined and give an explanation of a subject, without losing sense on the topic and always depicting in depth the whole purpose of the writing piece. This research must belong to accredited or respected scholars in the field, with the whole purpose to give an introduction to an essay, thesis, dissertation or a research report.

A literature review can also help at identifying gaps or problems with knowledge in a field, saving time to the author of investigating some things in depth and creating an easier approach for more complex works.

importance of literature review in business research writing

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It can also help the author to prove the importance of a subject while showing that he knows what he is talking about by causing previous ideas and researchers to develop new ones. This also allows the author to identify other people that work in the same field, helping the author to get in more detail with the work.

A literature review is especially designed to prove the research skill of a scholar, by letting him portray and identify the information and ideas that may have importance in his project, demonstrating the familiarity of the work with the owner and summarizing the whole idea and purpose in order to finally create a connection between the old one and the one to be created.

Finally, the purpose of a literature review in business research is to create an intellectual context of a business matter by demonstrating its depth and identifying its importance. This helps the author to create a better perspective of his own work, helping to create something new by knowing the old ones and giving new ideas to old problems.

business literature review apa guidelines overview

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How to Organize a Literature Review Business

Organizing a literature review can be a really heard ordeal, as literature review can depend on many things and change according to certain details. However, most literature review can be organized by taking into account the different approaches that are taken in the body of the work, the concepts and issues that are portrayed, the methodologies that were employed on the matter, the literature review topics in business and the level or support it gives to the person or work of the reviewed author.

By taking into account these details, the author avoids having to organize by chronological order or by the author, as they can be boring to the audience and sometimes don’t even have anything to back up or give purpose to the order. However, the most common way to organize a literature review is by theme, according to the issues and ideas it gives.


The first thing to write a literature review should always be the background of the ideas that are being portrayed. If for example, the review talks about the effectiveness of business meetings, the first thing to portray in the review should be the history, types, purpose, and how is business meeting viewed by people.


Then, the author must portray how they work and where they do, the practice of the topic. This can be done as if the business meeting is often held in business towers and they need all parts of a negotiation to reunite and talk about a business matter, giving statistic and how it can get together to form an idea.

Critical examination

Finally, the author must comply with all possible approaches a business meeting can have, as if the meeting can have more than two parts, with a whole purpose from the beginning, if a meeting can be biased or dealt with previously induced end that can’t be changed. The author must show the different perspective of every approach and create a whole new idea from this.

ideas for literature review topics in business

Citing has four main reasons; however, these can vary on the importance and all of them always work together to finally create a whole new purpose.

Reasons to cite

  • To create a relation between the previously researched work and the one being written
  • To provide context and signals that the work is backed up with respected sources
  • To let the readers and audience to know more about a specific subject that is portrayed on the review
  • To create a new window of research for people who want to discover more from what has been already explored on a topic

What and when?

The only things that are worth citing are people’s ideas and words, especially if they are the intellectual property of someone in order to portray that the content is well-researched and the ideas are not made up.

This can also include books, reports, journals, articles, web pages, speeches, interviews, lectures and any other piece of work that could be plagiarized. As to when to cite, the author must use it as a direct quote, to paraphrase, summarize or to use facts and statistics related to the subject that is being portrayed in the review.

business literature review citing

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Avoiding plagiarism

Plagiarism is the practice to steal and use ideas, words or products as ideas words or products of someone else that’s not the real owner. Quoting makes this practice to get totally fair and legal, making it easier to author to portray different ideas and works without losing sense or doing it illegally. This acknowledges the original work and provides background to a specific subject.

Quoting and citing help the author to maintain the academic integrity. This is viewed as academic honesty, the foundation of academic life. This academic integrity gives the proper manner an author should behave in an academic environment, creating the correct ways to portray a research, writing or project.

Plagiarism work is a dishonest practice that harms the academic integrity of an author. This concerns the importance and purpose of a literature review as if it is plagiarized the whole work can be totally denied and misevaluated.

business literature review proofreading dos and don'ts

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About the Finished Literature Review in Business

When finishing a literature review business the author must take totally care in making the whole review look fine and have sense. Also, all ideas and topics must already be summarized at the end of the work, with significant studies and previous researches being portrayed in the body of the review.

All important points should already be reflected in the body, and flaws, ideas, strengths, inconsistencies, and variations of the subject should already be mentioned and developed in depth.

The conclusion should provide insight and importance of the relationship between the old and the new ideas, choosing topics for literature review in nursing or business from which the literature review is based on. This will help the author to create a wider range of knowledge towards the idea and at the same time to specify the whole purpose of the review.

At the end, following these simple rules for writing a literature review in business research are recommended in order to make a more understandable and easier to read content. If the author wants a better-evaluated work, following these instructions is the best way to achieve that objective.

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